Moms Need Comfortable Shoes

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When I was in college I lived in high heels.

Yep. Seriously.

I wore them everywhere except my job as a horticulturist assistant (but I wore heels to the interview and nearly lost my chance at the position because I looked too high maintenance). Even lugging around my million-pound backpack, I still scurried around campus in heels and a skirt. “Look good, feel good, do good,” was my mantra. So was, “Sometimes beauty hurts.”

Still to this day, I never feel quite as dazzling as when I put on a pair of heels. In fact, I just wore heels for the first time in a year on a date with my husband (the first one since we became parents), and I felt like my “old self” for a couple hours.

Wearing heels on our date.

No More Heels For Me

But then I returned home to aching feet and an aching back. I donned the same heels to Thanksgiving dinner the following day, and wearing a 15 lb. baby on my hip made the foot and back pain all the worse. Sorry, old self, but heels are only for very special occasions these days.

Honestly, I typically walk around barefoot or in a pair of comfy socks. Since my daughter can’t roll, crawl or walk yet — and I work at a laptop from home — I don’t run around much. But when I do go out, I’m either in support-less flats OR my Clarks booties, which also don’t have much in the way of arch support (even if they are amazing shoes).

The heavier Evelyn gets, though, the more I’m realizing that I might need to invest in shoes that won’t leave me desperate for some restorative yoga after just a couple hours.

Cute AND Comfortable?

Of course, my “look good” mantra still stands, so I want a pair of shoes that won’t look completely out of place on my feet. In other words, I’m not jumping on the orthotics bandwagon anytime soon. Where does that leave me?

If you’re not a nurse (which I’m not), you might have never considered the benefit of wearing nursing shoes. Obviously, these shoes are designed to work for women who live on their feet, saving lives during 12-hour-or-longer shifts. If you’re a mom, endlessly chasing kids and putting out fires every couple of minutes, you might understand the need for comfortable footwear.

So what should you do? I recommend looking into some of the best nursing shoes out there. I write for Nursing Shoe Heaven from time to time, and their nursing shoe buying guide has reviews of 25 pairs of comfortable shoes that you might enjoy wearing.

No, these aren’t shoes I’ll be wearing during my next dinner date, but they’re certainly Target-worthy and appropriate for a stroll through the neighborhood or a playdate at the park. I’m particularly interested in the Nurse Mate’s Velocity sneakers in grey — they are sporty, cute, and the laces are stretchy so I don’t even need to find time to tie my shoes.

What are you waiting for? Take a look.




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