The Hidden Costs of Pregnancy

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I’m cheap. Ok, some people like to use the term “frugal,” but really, purchasing things can cause me great anxiety. Especially if it’s anything I can convince myself I can live without.

So pregnancy has really thrown me — and our budget — for a loop.

I figured I would need to buy some maternity clothes, but other than that, I really didn’t think I’d need to spend much on the “pregnancy” part of having a baby. I figured all the expenses would come when she finally arrived.

So for all you first-time moms out there, consider adding a “maternity” section to your budget for things that you just might need (or want) to get you through the next nine months.

Just for fun, I went through our last six months of expenditures and wrote down everything pregnancy-related that I purchased (see below!).

This doesn’t include groceries (like ginger ale for nausea or donuts for cravings, etc.) because I add up all our receipts for the month and don’t list the specific items purchased. Also, I’m sure we ate out a couple times due to my exhaustion, or my cravings, but I can’t remember all those details. However, I CAN tell you our grocery budget has increased nearly £50 to £70 a month since our pre-pregnant days, which I blame MOSTLY on my exhaustion and failure to meal plan some weeks, but also on an increase in snack foods (Usually healthy, but confessions: Not always!), fruits and veggies.

The Hidden Costs of Pregnancy Breakdown



Belly Salve: £13 (Trying to reduce stress marks, but I’m not good about using this!)

Sewing Machine: £15 (I was going to sew my own cloth diapers until we ended up buying some from a friend!)

Baby Beanie: £18.95 (It has cute hedgehogs and I wanted it when I first saw it in a store. I didn’t buy it because we weren’t pregnant at the time, but as soon as I found out I went and purchased it!)

Tape Measure: £4.39 (This was to take measurements for my bridesmaid dress, but now I use it to keep track of my growing body)

Pregnancy Tests: £25.59 (Yes, I bought the ones that say “Pregnant” or “Not Pregnant.” No regrets)

“We’re Pregnant” gift: £10 (To tell Casey when I found out)

TOTAL: £86.93


Acid Reflux Medication: £9.64 (The pain!)

Bras/Belly Band: £26.53

Pregnancy Pillow: £29.49

Baby Diapers: £101 (Yay! All our diapers for just $125 USD)

Ultrasound Bus: £20.40 (Cost to get to and from the hospital)

TOTAL: £187.06


Maternity Clothing (New Top and Jeans): £30

Ultrasound Bus: £20.40

TOTAL: £50.40


Parenting Book: £10

Baby Outfit/Maternity Shirt: £8.50

Ultrasound Bus: £20.40

TOTAL: £38.90


Maternity Clothing Splurge: £67.97 (This included another new bra, two new tops, a yellow dress and a grey maxi skirt from Amazon)

April (to date): 

KT Tape: £6.85 (This is to help with my back pain)

The Grand Total at 27 Weeks

So today, at 27 weeks pregnant, we’ve spent a grand total of £438.11 or about $542. OUCH!

Obviously, everyone is going to spend a different amount depending on your needs, aches, pains and experiences. We’ve essentially averaged about $100/month that goes toward pregnancy items for mom, and if this keeps up, we’ll hit $900 by her due date.

That doesn’t include, of course, all the money we will spend on actually getting baby things — but that’s why hand-me-downs are awesome!

I can’t tell you how guilty I feel looking at that chunk of money that’s NOT in our bank account, but to be completely honest, there’s not much on that list above that I’d return or go without. Plus, about $150 of it was diapers and baby clothing, which should really go under the cost of a baby, rather than the cost of pregnancy.

Alas, the money is spent! And man, I love these pregnancy jeggings!

So tell me moms, what was your biggest pregnancy splurge? What unexpected things did you end up spending money on? 

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