Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip Muffins: Pregnancy Cravings

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Exactly one month ago, my 19 week pregnant self was desperate for some kind of sweet Saturday morning breakfast. Cue Pinterest.

After searching through hundreds of pins, I stopped on this one — Banana Espresso Chocolate Chip muffins. Um, yes!

I’m actually one of those people who thinks chocolate should be an afternoon treat. I don’t enjoy mochas, chocolate chip pancakes or muffins, or anything else in that desert-for-breakfast category, before 12 p.m. But now I’m pregnant, and all reason goes out the door, and the blend of banana bread, coffee and desert was just too tantalizing to resist.

One Important Tweek

I’m not going to re-share the recipe here because I honestly followed the directions almost to the letter (which, trust me, is extremely rare), and Tessa Arias has a culinary degree, years of experience, and she spent time in the kitchen perfecting this recipe. She deserves your click!

That being said, I did make one tweek to her recipe that I think is worth considering: More espresso.

I must say, choosing to make these muffins was entirely selfish. I knew Casey didn’t really love banana bread and I especially knew he didn’t like coffee (thankfully, he loves chocolate), but I also didn’t care at that moment — baby needed these. I went to the store, bought those three special ingredients, and ran home.

The problem? Instant espresso powder is expensive! It was almost $5 for the jar and the recipe only called for 1 teaspoon. Needing to justify such a purchase, I threw in an extra half teaspoon. No regrets.

So Amazing

The recipe says to let these babies cool, but NO WAY was I allowing that.

I was nervous to see how Casey would react — I didn’t tell him there was any coffee in the muffin! Let’s just say it was a success: These are officially our favorite muffin ever. I’ve made them three times now, and every time I’ve added more espresso. Today, I added 2.5 teaspoons and they were even better than before!

What’s remarkable about these muffins is that they are dense, moist (sorry, terrible word, I know), and the flavors blend so well, so that at no point in time are you thinking, “Oh, banana!” or “Oh, espresso!” You are just thinking, “How many can I eat before I feel guilty?”

So when Casey woke up sick, I knew I had to whip up a batch of these delightful sugary treats. And so do you.

Click the recipe, cook the goodness, and savor this amazing way to start your Saturday morning!

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