DIY Crochet Yarn Trim Tutorial (for pillows, curtains, and more!)

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This week Mama Jen is back with a DIY Crochet Yarn Trim Tutorial! Love it 🙂 See last week’s tutorial here.

Mama Jen’s Yarn Obsession

Does anyone else out there in the world purchase something new for their home decor and then just need to add one more finishing touch to it to make it perfect? Please say yes.

If you read the tutorial for my plaid pillows, then you know I am in the middle of updating a couple of chairs in my living room. I found these great pillow covers on Amazon. They were the perfect replacement for my old ones. The texture and warm fall color of the embroidery won me over!

The covers arrived almost over night! (Gotta love Amazon Prime! You can click here for a free 30 day trial.) I stuffed and fluffed them, stepped back, and then… the ‘just a little more’ kicked in. The pillows seemed a little too white next to the plaid.

Tea-Stain to the Rescue

No problem, I brewed up some extra strong tea and dyed them a nice flax color. Then, I just felt like the edges were a wee bit boring so I added my favorite embellishment of all time (lately), crocheted yarn trim. As you can see from my pictures I have used this homemade trim almost to an excess through out my home. [Natalie’s Note: I literally started laughing out loud uploading all these pictures of her crochet trim….love you mom!]






I am not a crochet expert by any means. Despite the fact that I had two grandmothers that could knit and crochet in their sleep, I have never wandered far beyond the basic chain.

If I can whip this up so can you! If you want to learn, here’s a great tutorial for beginners.


DIY yarn trim: Tutorial

  • Decide what object needs ‘just a little more’. Maybe it’s a pillow…Or sofa cushions…Or curtains…Or a quilt…The options are endless!
  • Pick your yarn. Yarn is beautiful, comes in every color and texture under the sun, and can be cheap if you shop sales and use coupons! I always pick the skein that is extra chubby and has a rustic appeal.


  • Crochet your trim. I have used both a single crochet and double crochet. It depends on the look you are going for.


  • Hand stitch it into place. I use coordinating thread and a loose basting stitch. It will disappear the yarn. Note: None of my projects require frequent laundering. Remember to take that into consideration when choosing your yarn type.

The Final Product




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