The Ultimate Highland/West Coast Scotland Road Trip: The Itinerary

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About two weeks ago, Casey came home saying he was pretty sure he had a week off from classes in October. We immediately wanted to take advantage of that time so we could finally do some travelling around Scotland.

Besides a day trip to Edinburgh and exploring around St. Andrews, we’ve mostly just settled into “life as usual” of Casey studying and me freelancing and blogging. So getting away for four days was just what we needed to jump start our year of travel.

The Planning

We spent hours (not kidding, hours) planning this trip. We wanted to see as much as humanly possible in essentially 72 hours, while spending as little money as we could. Plus, we decided to rent an electric car (desperation, honestly, this company was the only one who wouldn’t penalize us for being under 25) which meant basing our road trip off of available charging locations.

Ultimately, we planned a trip that was one part nature and one part history.

You could have done a trip of entirely either (aka, just hiking and appreciating the Highlands or just seeing all sorts of historical landmarks). That being said, I think the blend was perfect!

What We Saw

In other words, way too much for me to fit in just one post. Instead, I am embarking on a 22-day posting spree that will contain details, tips and pictures of every place we stopped and most of the amazing things we saw.

Here’s a taste:

Highland/West Coast Scotland Road Trip Highland/West Coast Scotland Road Trip Highland/West Coast Scotland Road Trip Highland/West Coast Scotland Road Trip

I hope you’ll join us for the ride!


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