Shabby Apple: Gorgeous Fall and Winter Dresses (on sale!)

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Calling all ladies!

A couple weeks ago I got four of the most stylish ladies I know to share their ideal fall outfit created from nothing but Amazon choices. It was super fun and I hope you enjoyed it!

Introducing Shabby Apple

But this week I want to share one of my FAVORITE clothing companies with you — Shabby Apple! They sell some of the cutest vintage/retro-inspired clothes out there, and their dresses are just to die for. I obviously can’t buy everything on their website (money! 🙁 ), but if I could, I pretty much would.

They have super cute, feminine clothes and best of all — fall/winter dresses! If you are like me and love dresses ALL THE TIME, it’s hard to find stores selling dresses/skirts that keep you warm in the winter. Enter Shabby Apple! They have so many options for cooler weather fashion.

15% Off Sale

Why tell you about them now? Because they have a 15% off everything Fall sale going on 🙂 Yay! Check it out here: Fall Exclusive Sale 15% Off Everything Code “FALL15” Only At For A Limited Time!

(If you purchase through this link it doesn’t cost you anything extra, but I get a small commission off the sale to help keep this blog running — Thanks!)

I went online and picked out some of my all-time favorites so you could see just how adorable their clothes are!

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Love these? Just go here to see some of their most popular dresses:
Shop Shabby Apple’s Best Selling Dresses!

So there you have it! If you want a new dress (or six, haha) check out Shabby Apple and get your 15% off 🙂

I love Shabby Apple so much! Glad they have a 15% off sale on winter and fall dresses


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