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Hey all! If you haven’t yet, go back and read about the Awesome Money Course here. It’ll give you tons of great information about what on earth I’m interviewing Chris Peach about.

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I asked Chris to answer a few questions that I had about the course and why I should be recommending it to you at all!

Awesome Money Course

Interview with Chris peach, awesome money course

Tell me your financial story (in a nutshell):

We were normal.

Andrea and I were fresh out college and started off behaving poorly with our money from the very start. We racked up credit card debt, we purchased brand new cars in our brand new home we couldn’t afford. We took trips to the Caribbean, said “yes” to everyone and believed the money would never run out.

Then it happened. Andrea was at the grocery store checkout with our 10 month old on her hip, a line of people behind her at the checkout, and getting ready to pay for our groceries. She swiped the first card – declined. The next two cards were also declined. Completely embarrassed, scared, and ashamed, she walked out of the grocery store with the only thing she brought in: Our son.

That was the moment when we finally had to face the fact: We were completely broke.

We had maxed out our credit cards, we overdrafted the checking account, and we literally didn’t have a single dollar to spend. This was Wednesday and we didn’t get paid again until Friday. We finally decided to look at what was going on with our life and money.

We laid it all out on the kitchen table and realized we had racked up $52,000 of debt in our first three years of marriage. This is when all of those realizations started to come into our minds.

Why did this happen?
What would our friends and family think of us?
How were we going to back on our feet?
How were we going to afford our new baby and a family?
What about our future?
What about us?

That was the moment Andrea and I officially became a team for our life and money and declared this will never happen again. Pain is a great motivator, and when you hit rock bottom, you really don’t have anywhere us to go but up. From that point forward, we changed everything we had ever been taught about money (which wasn’t much) and for the first time started doing things opposite of normal.

You see, normal is living paycheck to paycheck, with $16,000 in credit card debt, a $488 car payment, less than $1,000 liquid cash, and a student loan that feels like it’s tattooed to your finances for life.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We completely eradicated our lives and went to what we referred to as scorched earth. We sold clothes, jewelry, crap, and even our cars. We picked up side jobs, turned off the cable, and couponed for everything at the grocery store. We started saying “no”, “not right now”, and “maybe next time” to our friends and family. It was hard, there were moments when we wanted to give up, but we pushed each other to the the finish line.

Seven months later we paid off $52,000 in debt. We took back our life and money for good.

What made you want to start this course?

When Andrea and I were taking back control of our life and finances, we went through a lot of trial and error. Some things worked and many things didn’t. There are so many different ideas out there about money, and unfortunately most of them are completely wrong.

No one likes talking about money because it’s confusing, overwhelming, stressful, and often boring. However, it doesn’t have to be that way at all. If you think about it, money touches every aspect of our lives and it’s also the area of our life we were never taught how to manage.

Therefore, Awesome Money Course was created as that step-by-step system to finally teach you how to handle your money the right way. How to create and manage a budget, how to save money, how to pay off debt as quickly as possible, and learn all areas of your money from investing, kids college planning, and buying a home.

Who is this course for?

If you are living paycheck to paycheck, facing a mountain of debt, and you have that pit in your stomach because you are worried there won’t be enough money to make it to the end of this month, then this course was created with you in mind. If you find yourself constantly stressing about the money, staying up late at night worrying how you’re going to pay the next bill, and wondering if there is financial freedom in your future, this course is especially for you. If you have dreams of financial freedom, getting your passport to take that dream vacation, or saving up enough money for your kids college and retirement, then Awesome Money Course is going to be your roadmap to get there.

Why should I spend money to save money? (Aka, why should I buy a course?)

You shouldn’t.

I don’t think you should spend money to save money, however I think you should invest in your greatest wealth building tool, which is you.

You will never go broke from investing in yourself and if you’re someone who has been trying to figure this whole money thing out alone without much success, then realize everyday you don’t start managing your money the right way, the more it’s going to cost you now and later on in life.

What makes this course different from other courses?

I don’t teach you to how to manage your money from theory or from what someone else told me, but rather I teach straight from personal experience. I have walked in your shoes and I haven’t forgot what that feels like.

My students will tell you that I get them. I teach my students in the same way I would have wanted someone to teach me; a way that we can all understand.

Personal finance has become overly complicated when it really breaks down to simple 5th grade math. Instead of talking way over your head, teaching you something that doesn’t actually work, you are instead going to be shown a step-by-step system that has proven to work over and over again. It isn’t rocket science we are talking about, but we are talking about your life and your money.

How effective is this course?

Awesome Money Course is very effective if you are willing to do the work. You can’t assume that you’ll watch a few videos, jump in our private Facebook group, and all of your financial dreams will come true. However, if you walk with me step-by-step and take action, you will create a real budget that works, a savings plan that fits your lifestyle, a debt payoff blueprint, and a strong financial plan for you and your family from this point forward.

Give me your elevator pitch: 3 sentences on why someone needs this.

You have tirelessly tried figuring out how to manage your money without success and you desperately want a plan that actually works. The problem with your money isn’t you, the problem is you were never shown how to manage your money in the first place. Awesome Money Course solves that problem and shows you exactly what to do and how to do it at each step inside your journey to financial freedom.

Finally, what’s one question no one asks you about your course that you wish they would — and what’s the answer?

Our society has a really hard time looking far into the future. People always ask me what they can expect in the first 60-90 days, but no one asks what their life will look like beyond that period of time. Awesome Money Course wasn’t created to be the answer for the first few months of your life and money, but for the rest of your life. If someone were to ask me what this course is going to do for them in 10 – 15 years from now, I would tell them this:

You are completely debt free, including your home. You have built up a large nest egg up to this point and your wealth is only going to grow from here. Your kids college is no longer going to be a problem and your family is preparing to go on another dream vacation you will be paying cash for.

You have the ability to generously give those things in your life you are passionate about and you sleep better at night knowing money is no longer the stress in your life, but rather the blessing. The reason this is all possible is because a decade ago you learned how to manage your money the right way. You stopped paying interest to the bank, you started investing in yourself, and you stepped away from remaining normal with your money. You won.

Wow! Thanks so much to Chris Peach for sharing his insights on the Awesome Money Course. If you, like me, want to get out of debt and get your finances under control, head over to the Awesome Money Course and sign up!

This is perfect! Now I can finally get out of debt...

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