DIY Door Knob Finials

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Mama Jen is back again with another great DIY tutorial: This one is for door knob finials. Awesome!

(Wish her a happy anniversary, btw! It was yesterday.)

It all started with reclaimed doors

Every interior door, fifteen in total, in our home is reclaimed. This was far and wide one of our most exciting Craigslist finds! Have any of you shopped recently for doors? They are super pricey. The $400.00 price tag and the lack of lead based paint (they are stained) was too good to be true.

The listing allowed us to meet the kindest man who had removed the doors from a home in Wellesley MA. He had meticulously stored them in his basement — trim thresholds and all. The only thing the doors didn’t come with were the lock sets.

We choose to purchase new ones. Although the lock sets worked like a charm, the brand new crystal knobs lacked the history the old doors demanded.

Enter Old Door Knobs

Confession…I love old door knobs. The hunt was on! Every time B and I went into an antique store we would look for unique knobs.

Slowly but surely we were able to switch out the new doorknobs for a wonderful assortment of old ones. Like all fantastic collections, this one managed to take on a life of its own and we ended up with a number of extra knobs. I’ve used them in a variety of vignettes but as the pile grew so did my motivation to reuse them in a new creative way.

Door Knob Finials DIY

Through this DIY I am going to explain how I used my version of the infamous ‘McGyver’ technique to make my curtain rod finials. I am positive that many of you will have easier or better ways of doing this. Please share in the comments 🙂



  1. Unscrew the knobs if they are attached. You will notice that one of the knobs has a shaft and one does not.Door Knob Finials door knob finials
  2. Create a shaft for the knob without one. I used bamboo skewers and the ‘shove them into the slot’ technique until they were packed in very tightly. door knob finials
  3. Drill a hole into the corks. This will allow it to go over the shaft/skewers.door knob finials
  4. Trim cork to fit the diameter of your rod. My rods are made of galvanized pipe and have a 3/4″ opening. door knob finials door knob finials
  5. Wrap the entire ‘contraption’ with electrical tape in order to keep it all together! You will most likely want to be able to easily remove the finial so that you can launder/update your curtains at some point.
  6. Enjoy! I stopped to do a quick count and I have 4 windows adorned with doorknob finials. doorknob-finials-7 doorknob-finials-8

The finished product: Door Knob Finials

door knob finials

What should I do with these knobs? They are the last ones in my stash. 😁


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