Chalkboard Paint your Ugly Fridge: DIY Tutorial

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DIY with Mama Jen

Do you have an ugly fridge? Then this is the perfect DIY for you! Today I’m going to show you how to paint your ugly refrigerator.

I will admit that painting your refrigerator may seem a little risky. After all, a fridge is a major focal point in a home. That being stated, it is because your fridge is a major focal point in your home, that you should paint it!

For me, the benefits far outweighed the risk. My refrigerator was an unusual size and despite multiple searches to find a used black one on Craigslist I kept coming up empty handed. Keeping the fridge meant that I didn’t have to spend time or money to remove the old one. Most importantly, it really couldn’t get any uglier!

Paint Your Ugly Fridge


Paint Your Ugly Fridge

  • Sand and clean the fridge.

Paint your ugly fridge

  • Tape and prime. You need to decide where to stop painting. Because we were not using the refrigerator at the time I was able to leave the doors open so I painted all the way to the edge of the interior plastic liner.


  • Remove the handles and spray paint them. Although we wiped down the handles with Windex the spray paint did rub off of the handles after a couple of months of use. I should have used TSP and some sand paper to make sure all of the invisible grease and grime were removed. Easy enough to fix and the blame was on me!
  • Two coats of chalkboard paint. I used black because it matched our other appliances but the rainbow is the limit. My refrigerator had a textured surface so I used my favorite brush. If it had a smooth finish I would have used a small sponge roller.


Get artsy! Many other DIY-ers have created magnificent art installations on their doors and handles. I opted to enjoy the emptiness of my blank slate!

The finished product

The fridge was just one part of a larger kitchen re-do, and you can see it looks much more at home now!


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