Corkboard DIY Tutorial: Gift Wrap and Washi Tape

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So great news! Today we have another, very special guest post from my awesome friend, Minte about a re-covering a boring corkboard! Minte and I met in undergrad, we both got married before we graduated, and we were English majors. Woot! Plus, she is super funny (see her blog here: and I hope you enjoy this post as much as as I did!

Meet Minte

Minte Irmer is a super sassy Navy wife who lives in Japan with her studly naval officer husband and their pet hedgehog, Chestnut. Continually on the quest to become a domestic goddess, Minte has become increasingly crafty since she realized she had nothing better to do. She also likes short walks on the beach and mini Reese’s Cups.

Minte riding an elephant. No Big Deal!!!
Minte riding an elephant. No Big Deal!!!


I had this really boring corkboard in my kitchen, and I hated looking at it. I liked what I put ON the board — cute postcards from friends or various grocery lists — but the drab, vague brownness of it was a blight on my otherwise cheerful kitchen. So I decided to redo the board entirely. My kitchen is really colorful — colorful plates, colorful towels, colorful fruit bowl, colorful fruit! — and so I wanted it to match.

My adorable mugs became my inspiration:


I ran to the hundred yen store (essentially a dollar store) and got some cute wrapping paper and washi tape. Amazingly they had two colors that matched the mugs exactly! I’m probably the only one who will notice, but it makes me happy, haha. I’ve seen really cute corkboard makeovers that use paint directly on the cork, but I like my wrapping paper because it’s easy to swap out if I get bored with it. The washi tape is easy to remove and replace, too.


Back at home, I gathered my measuring tape, scissors, and a pen, then measured the length and width of the corkboard. I marked the same size rectangle on the back of the wrapping paper, increasing each edge by probably an eighth or fourth of an inch, and cut it out. Simple stuff.


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I realized I hadn’t measured the washi tape or trim on the corkboard, so I whipped out the tape to see if I had to measure anything there, too. Nope! The tape was marginally thinner than the border, but once it’s on you really couldn’t tell. Any gaps just look like shadow.

Corkboard DIY

Uh oh. My regular brass pins, which looked fine on the plain old board, looked really dumb on the new red wrapping paper. But they didn’t have to stay that way! I stuck them into a frozen pizza box so they would stay vertical and coated the tops with white nail polish. Now they look like extra polka dots, which was kind of the theme! 🙂


Next I slid the wrapping paper slightly under the border on the face of the board. Usually there’s a little gap, and I was hoping the paper would hold itself in if I could tuck it between the board and the trim. It didn’t work, largely because the wrapping paper was still too curled-up from being on a tube. I was too impatient to flatten it and I didn’t mind a few extra pushpins, so I just pinned it on.

Corkboard DIY

Voila! It was super easy, and the part that took the longest was waiting for the nail polish to dry on the pins. I cut up some plain index cards and used them for note paper, because we have a zillion index cards leftover from who-knows-what in college.

Finished Corkboard


Try it in any color combo or try sticking ribbon on the board’s edge instead of washi tape. It really brightened up my doorway area, which is tucked away from any windows because I live in an apartment. I especially appreciate this project because it was so quick. It’ll be easy to change with the seasons or just whenever I get *board* with it!


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