Make your own DIY half-and-half while abroad

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I love coffee.

True fact. It’s my lifeblood. My drug. My happy place.

So as you can imagine, I was pretty concerned about how I’d get coffee in Scotland. Thankfully, the coffee here is plentiful (there are like 23804823948 cafes in St. Andrews), but the first thing I noticed about every cup o’ joe? It was always served with milk.

Some people in the U.S. already put milk in their coffee, but I’m a die-hard half-and-half fanatic. I like something creamy, but not too creamy, and none of that watery milk nonsense, either.


At first, I just figured the hotels we stayed in didn’t have a lot of options. I was certain I’d walk into the local store and pick up a nice carton of half-and-half.


They don’t sell it here. In fact, they only sell “single cream” and “double cream” (what amounts to “heavy cream” and “whipping cream” in the U.S., I think) and it’s sold in those little yogurt-like cups with no way to reseal them. I bought one figuring cream was better than milk, but the lack of re-seal-ability, coupled with how very heavy it tasted, convinced me that wasn’t my best bet.

That’s when it donned on me: What is half-and-half but half cream and half milk? Cue light bulb!

DIY half and half


So once our milk was half empty, I poured in the contents of the single cream and gave it a good shake-aroo. The result? It bubbles when poured into the coffee, but it simmers down and tastes precisely like good ole half-and-half.

So there you go! Next time you are abroad needing a coffee fix, think of this simple trick.

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