Finally Getting Our Visas

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It all started in January of 2015

Casey, being the awesome man he is, got accepted to attend Trinity University in Dublin, Ireland. We had to make a decision within ONE WEEK as to whether or not we’d take the offer. So, being the non-risky types that we are, we put down the deposit and accepted the position.

Days later, Casey heard back from his number one choice of school: The University of St. Andrews, Scotland. (Yes, that’s where the Prince and Kate went to school, no big deal). They also accepted him! So now we were in a pickle: Trinity was less expensive, but the program wasn’t as good as St. Andrews’ and it wasn’t in Scotland — the country Casey has been dreaming of going to for forever. After many weeks of prayer, crunching numbers and long talks, we finally settled on St. Andrews — as long as we got the visas!

So essentially from March 2016 until June 30, 2016, we knew we wanted to go to St. Andrews, but we were missing one little…tinyyyyy….deeetaaaaillll… know, the visas….

I’ll create another post detailing the entire visa process from start to finish, because I really wish someone had made that post before we started on this journey, but let’s just say it’s about as fun as poking out your own eyeballs.

We finally got the entire application in the mail on Friday, June 24 and believe it or not we got the visa acceptance on Thursday, June 30! Not counting weekend days, it only took them 72 hours to process our application. Now, I can’t promise anyone else it will happen that quickly — they say it typically takes 15 days and could take longer — but God was gracious and didn’t make me wait one more day to find out (I’m the impatient one in this marriage, just so you know).

So the day I started this blog is the day I can officially say that barring any supernatural interference to the contrary, Casey and I will really be going to Scotland!


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