Affiliate Links Disclosure

This post may contain affiliate links.

What does “Affiliate Link” mean?

All that means is that if you click on some links in my blog, it’ll take you to a company or another blog. Sometimes those places are selling a product (like Amazon), and sometimes they are simply looking for clicks (TripAdvisor — although they also want to sell you tickets!).

If you complete the task that company wanted, either by clicking or purchasing, I get a commission on that sale (anywhere between 4% and 50% of the purchase price). This doesn’t cost you anything extra, though!

Why use affiliate links?

These affiliate links help me keep this blog running. Although I love writing just for fun, it’s also great to make a little money from talking about products/services I already use and love, which brings me to the next question….

Does that mean you are just trying to sell me junk?

No way! I only use affiliate links for services/products I know and love and that I’d recommend to you even if I didn’t get paid to do so. My goal here is to be a helpful blogger, not a spammer.

Who are you affiliated with and why?

Amazon — I love Amazon and have been using it for over four years for everything from school books to clothing. Sometimes I link to Amazon products I haven’t purchased before, but for the most part I try to only offer links to items I’ve used and love, I’ve had recommended to me by others, or that have excellent reviews. Amazon is great because they have tons of reviews on all products, so I know what I’m getting into before making a purchase!

TripAdvisor — A huge part of this blog is travel, and like with Amazon, TripAdvisor allows you to read comments/reviews before buying tickets, going to see an attraction, or renting a room. I think it’s helpful to send you to the review pages first, so you can see what people think before heading there yourself!

Shabby Apple — Can I just say, cute clothes?!? Seriously. They have adorable clothing and I just love it. I have always loved Shabby Apple, and when I found out I could promote their clothes, I thought “Why not!?”

The Awesome Money Course — I found this course after embarking on my own journey to financial freedom. I wish I had had it, instead of needing to file through tons of internet articles and free help that was often contradictory or confusing.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing — As you can tell, I am using her course right now to make money from my blog. Having tried and tested her recommendations, I can recommend this same course to you!

Please feel free to read my affiliate disclosure.

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