Home is Where the Heart is

Hi, I’m Natalie McKee! I’ve spent the last 22 years of my life (minus college in Hillsdale, Michigan) living in America’s Hometown. But once my husband got accepted to the University of St. Andrews in January of 2016, we started making plans to leave America for twelve months and settle in Fife, Scotland. As a young married couple, “home” is becoming more and more a relative term. Is home Plymouth? Hillsdale? Fife? In many ways, home is none of those places! “Home” is wherever I am with Casey. Thus the name “Wherever You Call Home.” Just to make things more interesting, we are now expecting our first baby!

This blog will be an amazing combination of pregnancy tales, travel tips, exploration tales, DIY projects (mostly from my very-crafty mom, Mama Jen), writing life musings, marriage discussions and other things that generally fall under the term “lifestyle.” You’ll get a taste of everything, but if you have a particular passion, just check back to the related category for more of the same.  Thanks so much for checking out our spot!